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Tempting fate

Fellow listers:
   Let me run this by you guys.  While bending over engine compartment
on 85 5kt to remove steering rack, my fat elbow broke off the plastic
output fitting of the secondary cooling pump for the turbo.  Real cute.
Well I thought I could use JB weld to fix this sucker, so in removing
the pump,  I discover that this pump hasn't run for years.  The
electrical connector is totally gone from rust and corrosion.  A little
metal clip held it together.  
   For now I have bypassed the beast as it costs $189 from Audi--am I
nuts to do so?  I have 125 k on the car which is a regular family
vehicle and doesn't get really driven hard.  I never did hear this pump
RC Ringlien
85 & 89 turbos
91 Caravan
95 Taurus(damm near as many sensors as Audi)