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Prescott Forest Rally

Hi All!

So Paul Timmerman and I are going to be running in the Prescott Forest
Rally this weekend in the 323 GTX, in Arizona.  It appears that our
overheating woes are no longer a problem, with an enlarged radiator,
bigger fan, and no thermostat.  After running around in the car, and
keeping the rpms up, I was never able to get the water temperature to
quite get up to the halfway point.  It appears we should have a good
chance at doing pretty well at this event, and come away with Paul
getting his license.

We're leaving tomorrow around noon to head down there (~700 miles from
Reno), and should be there by midday Friday.  So are any listers who are
going to be out there?  This a full national event with Paul Choinere,
Henry Joy, Carl Merrill, and Rui Brasil in his new S2 competing for top
honors...no Sprongl though =(.  If anyone on the list is planning on
being at this event, stop on by and say 'hi' at the Parc Expose.


-mark nelson

'90 s2 (building for scca [pro rally)
'85 4ktq (details on the 10vt build-up coming soon)