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'98 Passat Syncro -Reply

Peter writes...
>>> Peter Henriksen <peterhe@microsoft.com> - 10/1/97 4:39 PM >>>
It is also my impression that only the V6 will come with "Syncro"
(only automatic as well?). Too bad - the Passat looks like a very
strong contender to the A4 otherwise, but I guess Audi wants to keep
that particular niche to itself.

Here is where I've been pleasantly surprised.  Info to date appears
to allow syncro awd on ALL models (GLS 1.8t, GLS 2.8, GLX
2.8...manual & Tip), with the exception of the TDI turbo diesel.  My
other claim refers to the availability of a *sport package* on the
Passat.  The German web page shows the wheel combinations available,
and those shown for the *sport* package look surprisingly similar to
the '98 A4 wheels.  So, at least in the Old Country a sport package
will be available...its my understanding that the '98 A4tq sport
package is the same as the '97/'98 2.8V6 sport package, therefore I
may surmise that the Passat sport package will be identical (?). 
Problem is that the sport wheels are (nicht fur syncro....unavailable
for syncro).  If the wheels aren't available 215/60...the package most
likely won't be avaialble.
Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro
(Practically picking the new one now... ;-)....Pearl Fjord Blue,
Variant Syncro, Sport Package(?), 1.8t or 2.8?)