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I want to repost the details of this message for anyone who didn't see it
the last time.  

Eibach has discontinued its sport springs for the Type 44 chassis, as
some of you may know.  These springs lower the car only 1" in front and
.75" in the rear, less than many other aftermarket brands.  It is impossible
to find them anywhere (I've tried).  

However, WolfSport is talking to Eibach about getting a one-off
production run of an additional 50 sets made if they can get enough
people who are serious about purchasing them.  

If you want to procure a set of these springs before they're gone
forever, give WolfSport a call at 800-342-8669 and get on the list.  They
need 10-20 firm buyers before placing the order.

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ