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RE: Warped Rotors; resurface or replace?

   As far as rotors go, only resurface them if they are not warped to bad or
warn to far (they have a limit of thickness for turning ya know).  I have never
actually "turned" a pair of rotors to say.  One was slightly grooved, so I hand
sanded them down with sandpaper.  This is a good idea as you will get the
scuffing in the rotor surface which helps pads bed in properly.

   The other thing I have had done was have a slightly warped pair ground down
slightly by a racing outfit.  They did not use a standard lathe (I don't think
they work that well, and so do most serious racers) they used some cross
rotational one that spun and the rotor spun on it so it got those cross rotatio
nal patterns in it (which again, help bed in pads).  They were really only
lightly sanded and checked for trueness.  This is the method I would go with if
you can find a shop that does it.  If not, I'd just replace them.

   Rotors can be had pretty cheaply through Blaufergnugen (really, they are)
and Imparts.  Try one of them for prices.