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RE: Exhaust for 5ktq


     I would reccomend going with a 2.5 or 3" custom stainless steel exhaust
from the cat (hollowed out or removed) back and a nice muffler of some sort (
i.e. Borla, Momo, Dynomax) to finnish it off.  BTW, I have seen the Scorpion
exhaust that TAP offers, and I was not impressed, especially for the money.
But that is just an opinion.  I think you could have an exhaust shop make you a
nice custom exhaust for less.

     A cheap easy exhaust mod on the 5ktq's is to simply remove the 1st two
chambers the exhaust enters before the muffler and adding in a straight piece
in it's place (actually it has one bend).  Sounds really good and probably
won't cost you more than $50 at your local Minekee shop.