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RE: Special tool 2069 (front shock removal) - Substitutes?

On 10/02/97 22:40:57 you wrote:
>From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of enzeder@ix.netcom.com
>>My Dad has a BIG set of adjustable pliers that I'll try to use 
>>through the spring
>Through the spring? I hope that I am being stupid and mis-reading this.
>You are going to remove the spring from the strut first arent you?

Yes, through the spring.  I don't want to have to remove the strut if I don't 
have to.  Bentley says to do it with the strut in the car.  

>Anyway, the screw cap (or gland screw) is real tight, made worse by any rust 
>that might be present and you may well end up butchering them (I have done so 
>before now), but I have found that quite often the only thing that works is a 
>very big 'Stilson' adjustable pipe wrench.

The car lived most of it's life in Arizona and Nevada where the air is much 
drier = no rust.  The flip side of this is that all that sun has made the 
plastic items brittle.  The new strut insert (shock) came with another screw 
cap (to "replace" the old one) so I'm not too bothered about screwing up the 
old one, I'll just have to be careful not to deform the strut tube in the 
process.  I'll let you know how I get on.