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RE: 200T Suspension Problems

Check the upper strut bearing.  I had a bad one with the exact symptoms
you mentioned.
chris perry

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>Subject:	200T Suspension Problems
>List experts:
>Problem: 1990 Audi 200 - Clunking noise near or around driver's side
>front wheel when hitting bumps.  Clunking is more noticeable when
>turning left (essentially unweighting the driver's side and compressing
>the passenger side).  The clunking is evident going over bumps while
>going straight.  The clunking is not heard while turning right (driver
>side is weighted ).  The clunking noise sounds like something is loose.
>Investigation:  Jacked the car up and visually inspected control arms,
>tie rod ends, struts.  They "appear" ok.  I tried pulling on the tire to
>see if it was loose.  It wouldn't move.  I'm not an expert in suspension
>related components, so what may appear "OK" to me may not be.  
>What else can I check - and what are the proper procedures for
>diagnosing this noise.  
>Thanks for any suggestions.
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