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10v heads and cams

Can anyone supply me with the PN for the last camshaft that Audi used on
their 10v turbo (the one that is supposed to work so well) ? Vendor
recommendations for this part?

Also, anyone know the difference between the early ('86-88) heads and the
later 10v turbo heads. TIA

Brett Augsburger
'86 5kcstq (engine being rebuilt with GDS 3-inch exhaust turbo back (no
cat), custom JE Pistons (slight overbore), larger exhaust valves (prob.
36mm), Extrude Honed head and IM, 2-piece EM heat coated, K27/K26 hybrid
turbo, late model cam, some IC and IC hose mods, fully balanced and
blueprinted lower end, Raceware hardware holding down the head, crank, and
rod bearings, all new seals, hoses, vacuum lines, etc. )