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90q BVAU (tap tap tap Noise) Part II

I had a loud tap from the top of the engine(thought valves)...local audi
guy said it was worn lifters........... I was informed by a lister that
the Brake Vacuum Assist Unit, on the drivers side of the engine
sometimes made that noise.  I cleaned the unit but still had a tap in
cold weather.  Using my polish mind I turned out the retainer bolt to
the spring 1.5 turns, to apply more pressure on the plunger, which rides
on the camshaft............so far NO noise........Did I find something

Part II
This morning the tap was reduced to about one minute, from cold to I
hear it to its gone.  I got in there this afternoon.  ( life as a

I took the other end off.  The retainer bold is attached to a flat disk
which moves in and out creating the vac.  This travels in a oil bath,
and is held in place with a~11mm nylon lock nut,  ( so I was wrong the
retaining bold spins freely) I turned that 11mm nut out a bit and it
seems to helps.  I measured the distance the retaining bolt stuck out
past the casting, I added 1mm to the total lenght.  So far so good, this
might need to fill up with oil so it might take a few minutes of
driving. (very small oil passage) 

Final note: temp hit 40 this morning, and slight noise from engine,  NO
TAP.   I think that I will remove the disk and add a SS washer to the
back of the disk to increase the spring lenght.

And some additional thoughts:
I think the gods provided three problems. one the cam follower is solid
material, and might be wearing, I think the tolerances might be too
tight,  ( this unit should have a adjustment system like valve
clearances, I cant figure out the gods thinking, no adjustment of
clearances on a wear item???????  )

Maybe all we have to do is get a new follower?  or figuer out how to
make this units clearances adjustable. Like I did. 
dose anyone know the lenght of this unit NEW?  Is there anything in
Bentely about this unit?
are they using the BVAU on a latter model engine ? are there any
improvment to its setup?
ARGGGGGGGGH, BMW would never do someting this stupid.......... but I
cant afford a IX so I got this.

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