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(Lack of) Parts from Audi


Well, I've been waiting TWO WEEKS now for the "Sliding Block",
aka "Friction pad" (part number: 077109495) to arrive so I
can get my V8Q back on the road. Mac at Clair (I've known
Mac personally for years, and this is no reflection on his
efforts, he tried hard to resolve this for me) called
me at about 8AM this morning to inform me that since this
5 cent part, which costs $11.00 from Audi, hasn't arrived
after 10 days from the "V8 Program" (V8's and A8's get
special red carpet treatment, only supposed to take ONE
day to receive ANY part "in the system") he called Audi
of America.  Audi told him that the part was in "the
system", but the problem is that in "the system" includes
a container, on a ship, docked at a German port.  Expected
delivery of said part will be in NOVEMBER or early DECEMBER.

The only option offered was their "Red Label" (I think
they named this after the amber liquid Audi owners are
consuming to comfort them when they need factory parts.)
"Red" orders will cost an extra $25.00 and take 7 to 10
days to arrive! If this were an accessory, or a piece of
trim, fine, but the car is down because this is an
essential part, and this is the best they can do? IF
they had informed me right away, I'd had ordered the
damn  Red label and I'd be driving now, instead of typing.
Soo, a 5 cent plastic part smaller than an unshelled peanut
will cost over U$40.00. 

If I hadn't experienced getting "difficult" parts from other
manufacturers I'd just chaulk it up as normal procedure.
But it's NOT. I needed a part for my sisters Piece o Crap
'87 atoyoT and they AIR EXPRESSED the part to my address
at no extra cost. Is it too much to expect Audi to do the
same with a car that originally listed for U$70K???
It really pisses me off, especially if you look at Mercedes
and how they deal with OEM parts, they'll Air Freight
ANYTHING that a customer needs, at no additional cost, AND,
on top of that, ANY, yes ANY OEM part purchased from MB
that's defective will be re-installed by an Authorized
Dealer for FREE, regardless of who initially installed
the part. Not to mention the PRICE DIVE that OEM Mercedes
Parts have taken, when querried about it, the Dealer told
me it was because the dollar is strong in Germany now, 20%
stronger than it was a while ago. Does AUDI reside in some
East German bunker that doesn't recognise currency fluctuations,
EXCEPT when it calls for an increase in prices? We've all
been SHEEP for too long.

If you've gotten this far, I'll be sending AUDI a letter
about this, and the U$15.00 hose they sell for U$280 that
doesn't last more than 14 months. If you have any suggestions
about any other content that might be worth including, please
email me, or if it's pertinent to other Audi owners post here.
I really need to get behind the wheel of the ole V8Q again to
remember that maybe all this is really worth it.

Right now I wish Mercedes had gone ahead with it's initial plans
of making the new bodied SL's with Torsen AWD in the late 80's.
Let the Audi gods hear, there isn't much left for them to do
to me, not after owning 100LS's, 5KS's and a V8Q.