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RE: 200T Suspension Problems

At 03:29 PM 10/3/97 +0200, you wrote:
>I have exactly the same problem on my 5K. No visible worn components in
>the suspension. I replaced the strut mounts, which were starting to
>detoriate - no help. I was trying to adjust the steering gear - no help.
>I have less than 20K miles on new Sachs gas shocks. So I join Ken in the
>plea for help - what can it be???

Possible checks:
Upper triangular strut bushing - BTDT
Lower control arm inner bushing - BTDT
Cracked front subframe - BTDT
elongated subframe upper mounting holes - Al Powell (or loose bolts), or bad
Outer tie rod ends - BTDT
inner tie rod end bushings (mentioned here before) or loose bolts
bad floating caliper alignement bolts (heard on reverse) - Phil
bad sway bushings (end or center)

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