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Air bag cutoff switch regs (Marginal Audi content)

It is with some trepidation (considering the fury that air bag threads
seem to release) that I note that the NHTSA, over the objections of the
Big Three automakers and Center For Auto Safety (strange bedfellows if
ever there were), has completed its proposed air bag cutoff switch regs
and forwarded them to the White House Office of Management and Budget
for review.  The proposal would allow auto dealers to install air bag
on-off switches for:

-- Short drivers who are positioned 10 inches or less from the steering

-- Adults with kids who have medical problems that must be constantly
monitored so they must sit in the front seat.

-- Adults with medical problems that would be aggravated by an exploding
air bag.

-- Adults who must put kids in the front seat because the back seat is
filled; for example, adults who car-pool their children.

-- Adults whose vehicles have no rear seats.

That's it.  Have at it, gang.