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Re: How many auto parts stores does it take to round up 6 Bosch spark plugs?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Sean Ford say:

> Apparently, it takes only 1, but first you've got to find it. It just took me
> most of the morning, and 1 minute after lunch, to find spark plugs for my 100.
> So why tell the list? Because I'm dumbfounded by dealership pricing. I know, I
> know, we all bitch about dealership prices, but come on... $13.55 for a single
> spark plug?! I finally found 'em (Bosch F6 DTC) for $4.99 a piece and the place
> is only 30 minutes from my house.

That's the same price as I got them at Northern Foreign Parts in Nashua.
My main stop for car parts....


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