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'79 Audi Fox GTI Pix

I just got a request from someone that saw the fact that I own a '78 
Audi Fox GTI on my sig ...

He has a friend who is attempting a restoration on a '79 Fox GTI and 
wanted pictures of the graphics on the side of the car so that he could 
reproduce them.  I still see a '79 every once in a while, but not often 
enough to be able to say I'd ever be sure to get a picture of it.  Does 
anyone know of any place on the WWW where this person might be able to 
find a picture?  Does anyone know where one is located that could be 
used for pictures?


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'78 Audi Fox GTI (no longer ACHTZIG) <== looks better than the '79 anyway! :)