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N VA dealer & S4/S6

Does anyone have any experience with HBL, the dealers at Tysons in N. Virginia.
I cant even get them to take a phone call for a service reservation. Is there
any alternative that is not a x-commute on the beltway which usually means an
all day trip.

BTW went to see AoA yesterday to have it out once and for all on the S4 and S6.
Answer, we are not getting them for the forseeable future which is through the
99 model year. Not worth the trouble and not enough real yuppies out there to
buy them in M3 quatities. They need to sell 10,000 to justify the import and
market surveys say they will be lucky to sell half that number.  Yeah I know,
the list will but them all....fat chance!

BTW they will sell 20,000 S6 plus in Germany this year.