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Re: Bentley Manual for 1990-100

Barnes and Noble I believe has the 3 volume set that covers
the 89-91 100/200 etc. listed for ~$119, check out

I think www.amazon.com may have this set as well.

You can get the micro-fiche version from Dyment
1-800-544-8021 for around $35 and if you check some of the
surplus stores you can pick up a used micro-fiche reader
for $25-40.

Scott M.
> I am looking for a Bentley manual for 1990 Audi FWD.  If
anyone has an old
> set that you like to sell, please let me know.  The list
price of $170 from
> RB is too stiff for me.  Just wonder if any one has old
one cheaper.  Have a
> good day.