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Caliper Bushing blowout (was: Brake system warning on first start.)

Well The reason showed up.
The bushing that hold the emergency brake lever on the right rear caliper blew 
out last Saturday spewing the brake fluid all over the tire and over the 
(Fortunately the warning light came on as soon as the car was started and my 
wife called at work to ask.  I had her check for fluid and sure enough there 
was some smelly and slippery... so no accident resulted)
When I took off the caliper the seals and all seemed to have gone (on a 
rebuilt caliper from KVR just installed in August) the brake cable arm bushing 
could be moved around about a quarter of an inch!
I'm now waiting for a new rebuilt caliper.

Has this happened to anyone before? And if so dod they determine the cause for 
this failure?

86 5000 CD Quattro
312,000 km
From: 	John Graham

> 2 out of the last 4 times I have taken the car to work lately after
> about 2
> minutes of driving the red brake system check light comes on stays
> there for
> about 1 minute then goes out and doesn't return.  The second start of
> the day
> ~ 9 hours later doesn't get the alarm.
> There doesn't seem to be any relationship between steering or brake
> use and
> those systems feel normal.
> I checked the resevoir and the level was fine..~ 1/4" down from full
> but thats
> it. There doesn't seem to be any leaks either.
> So do I have a serious developing problem? Or a check function fault?

  As long as the light does not flash when you pump the brakes, your ok.

If it does, you have to replace the brake pressure accumulator, AKA the

1990 CQ
 have experienced the same problem, it happened to be a loose clamp on one
of my hoses attached to the resevoir.  The leak was real small and not 
I had to feel around with my fingers, and it wasn't leaving
drops on the ground, also your pressure accumulator may be going.