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RE: Best Snow Tires

I have had Pirelli Winter 190s before, and my Passat had Michelin XM+S
330H.  I'm going back to Pirelli for the A4 -- Winter 210A in 205/55R16
H.  Not that the Michelins were bad, but I personally believe that the
Pirelli still beats it, especially for dry pavement handling.

In general, narrower is better in moderate to deep snow, but 205 to 195
doesn't make a world of difference yet.  Now, if you go to 155/80 ...

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> Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 09:52:48 -0400 (EDT)
> From: PAULSTERN@aol.com
> Subject: Best Snow Tires
> I have a '91 coupe quattro and am looking for new snow tires.  I live
> in
> Colorado and head up to the mountains quite a bit.  Can someone
> recommend a
> good tire?  I definitly do not want studded snow tires as there is a
> lot of
> dry road driving inbetween snow days and I like my performance.  Also,
> does
> it make sense to change the size from the standard 205/60 to a 195/65
> to get
> better snow performance?  I had some Pirelli Winter Performance tires
> before,
> that were ok, but are there better?  How do they compare to some
> Michelins?