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Re: More shakin' brakin'...

Maybe the last person that installed the lug bolts did it with an impact
wrench, thus overtorquing and/or unevenly torquing them.  If they're not
torqued evenly warpage can result.  The correct torque for my 5KTQ was listed
in the Bentley at (if I remember correctly) 85 lbs/ft.  I don't think a few
lbs/ft over will make much difference as long as they're all torqued evenly
in the correct pattern.  I always make a couple of circuits around the "star"
when retorquing my wheels.

The question that I ask is:  if the rotors have warped as a result of this
incorrect torquing, have the hubs?  It doesn't seem as likely, but still...

Also, does anyone know if the factory rotors are matched to the hubs when the
car is built?  My dad's '85 5KT has experienced this repeat-warpage
phenomenon.  I told him it might be because he bought el-cheapo aftermarket
rotors (and then didn't equalize the lug bolt torque on top of that) that
probably weren't cast straight (Hey, man, make sure your rotors are
cast-straighted!!, ok shoot me now) in the first place, but it makes me

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ