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Re: Loud Clicking noise

Hi fellow listers,
      .....it's been a long time. Sorry about the sudden communication
drop-out - I hope it didn't cause any trouble or disappoint any of
you....after all - you quattro listers are the best. I missed the list
tremendously. I myself am disappointed with being on AOL, but quite surprised
and happy with "TeutonicGT." However, I'm hoping my membership with AOL is
only temporary so I can $ub$crib and not worry about keeping up...
      But enough wasted BW....I still own and drive the same '86 Alpine White
Commemorative Design Edition Coupe GT, only there have been some misfortunate
happenings in the past two-three months. I've managed to lose both power
window switches(at an amazing $43 a piece) and have been involved in two
separate incidents - both unaccountable :-( - one damaged the left
headlamp/bumper/front 1/4 panel area while the other dented the right rear
1/4 panel and caused the molding strip to fall off. My PIAA dual lighting
system is at PIAA headquarters, hopefully being determined to be cracked due
to stress so I can re-install them with crystal clear lenses. That's a basic
summary of most of my ongoing problems.
      But my most depressing problem is a "loud clicking noise" that seems to
me to be an exhaust leak. My question is regarding the O2 sensor...can a very
old O2 sensor cause a leak? Is it possible that the clicking could be coming
from itself or its base due to age? I have after all had my E.M. removed once
already due to a broken stud or two and was told that the E.M. should not
warp again and therefore not break any more studs. So I'm hoping it could be
a loose bolt at the E.M.-downpipe joint or the O2 sensor...am I just
wishfully thinking?!?

       Thanks everyone,
                          Allan Jones
                          '86 Coupe GT