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Re: That little button on the floor

>I always thought an automatic in a turbo car was pretty stupid, but my 
>friend's father's Saab 9000CDE turbo proved that
>very, very wrong :)  That car is a rocket...very impressive for a little 4 
>banger that sounds like a sewing machine :)

I would think that an automatic would be slightly superior, if it were 
able to actually shift quickly.  Think about it, a good automatic can 
shift much faster than a man in a manual transmission, therefore, wouldnt 
it be easier to keep the boost up?  I dunn, maybe i am just delusional.  
Talk to you all later.

Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
164,000+ miles, and going like a new car

1985 Coupe GT
163,000+ miles