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FW: Re: That little button on the floor

Eric Fletcher wisely wrote:
>In a message dated 10/5/97 5:38:04 PM, John_Russell@umit.maine.edu >wrote:

>>AND, one more quick question, please don't flame if it was posted
>>already, are Splitfires worth the cost in the regular 10v engine? I am
>>on the eternal lookout for more power from the basic 5cyl. Futile, but
>>forever searching....
>Splitfires would'nt be worth it if they were free.........

I used the Bosch Tri-Electrodes in my 10V (They were in it when I bought it and I decided just to keep using them).  I always got a chuckle from the Splitfire ads, because if the Splitfires really did what they claimed, then the Bosches must be 50% better, tee hee.  Why spend more to step down to the Splitfires. . .