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Re: Bosch SUPER 4 spark plugs

 5-Oct-97 23:16 Scott M. wrote:
> They use a "Q" designation for the quad electrodes instead
> of the "T"  for the tri-electrodes so instead of the W7DTC
> I assume it would be designated as a W7DQC or maybe a W7DQS
> because of the silver electrode.

In my catalog they call them W78 (pn 0 241 232 811)

> Has anyone run across these plugs or tried them out?

I am going to try. I would change my W7DC which I not satisfy with and these
four electrodes costs just $3 more for set of four than W7DTC.

> Cheers
> Scott M.
> 89 200TQ

'85 80Q