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Re: snows...

Hakkapeliitta 10's are designed for studded use, and have been superceded
by the new Nokian 1 last winter here in Finland.  The NRW and NRW-H are
optimized for non-studded use.  ie. I'd go for the NRW or NRW-H depending
on your usage/size.  The H is speed rated, and is better on dry/wet asphalt
and hence not quite as good on snow/ice.  It has rounded edges much like a
summer tire, turn-in on snow not as good as NRW, but cornering in dry/wet
is naturally better.  If you like the 10 for grip, you will love the 1 for
grip and the lack of noise...

BTW, the Nokian 1 should be used with studs compatible with the new Eco
Stud System, 10mm studs, 8mm diameter.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

if they only made a 17" studded Nokian 1 ....

> From: merlin <merlin@ameritech.net>
> To: The Quattro List <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: snows...
> Date: 6. lokakuuta 1997 05:37
> hello everyone,
>      i hate to start this up again, i really do, but it's getting to be
> time of year again and i want to buy some snows for my 96 A4q.  i have
> located a distributor in the detroit area that has not only heard of
> but can actually get me a set.  my question is, 10's or nrw's?  what's
> difference between the two?  is there a clear cut winner?
> thanx in advance,
> merlin
> 96 A4q