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FW: mechanic in west metro boston?

Thanks for the Boston mechanic recommendations, sounds like master
auto works is a decent shop. Here is the reply from my brother:

> Dave;  I did find a reliable Audi service source in 
> Boston MetroWest:
>   Master Auto Works
>   91 Grant Street
>   Framingham, MA
>   (508)820-3335
>   Owner: Rick LaPan
> Rick used to be the lead Audi tech @ Bernardi Audi/Honda a
> few years back.  He is a certified master Audi technician.
> I was pleased with his work, (front control arm support for
> that noisy rear end clunk & a front wheel bearing) communication
> skills.  I'll return & would recommend him.  I was going to go
> to the Benz Den, but the wheel bearing got noisy too quickly to
> drive to Belmond.  Glad I didn't & saved the hub.
Dave Lawson