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Roof racks for 89-91 200QW

If you're not too hung up on aesthetics, the beauty of the wagon rails 
is that they can take almost any generic rack mounting which is set up 
to handle roof rails (which was almost all of them until the 84 Audi 

The rack I now use with both skis and the casket-like "box" is the 
Thule that I bought for my rain-guttered 93 100S. The rain gutter 
mountings grab onto the side bars just fine on my former 87 5000CSQW 
and my current 94 100CSQW. It attaches securely.

The only downside that I can think of is that it adds more height than 
mounting the accessories direct. Boy was the attendant in my parking 
garage here relieved that I could get parked just fine without 
dislodging a springler head or two!

   john taylor