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Re: RE: 200T Suspension Problem

Aleksander wrote>>>>>>It's not exactly like that, as the mechanic who rebuilt
my rack
explained to me. The rack leaks because the internal seals fail. The
rubber boot, which is already subjected to heat and age, now gets
treated with Pentosin and cracks. Now the Pentosin drips onto the
gearbox and expensive mechanics tell you you have a serious leak form
transmission seals ;-) If you decide to rebuild the rack now, it usually
needs just a new seal kit and boot. If you keep driving it in this
condition, the water and dirt get in through the cracked boot and causes
the gears to wear very quickly. 

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland<<<<<<

Does anyone know if a guy can get a rebuild kit for a steering rack in the
US?  If not, is there any place in the US that will rebuild a rack for less
than a used one?  I have four racks in my shed that have bad seals and would
like to use them again if possible.

2) 87QT's
87 Avant