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Re: That little button on the floor

> Vytautas Reipa wrote:

> > Hi all. I got in an argument with a friend a few days ago over what
> > the
> > little button on the floor behind the gas pedal in my 5ks and
> > 5kcst(both
> > auto) does. I said that it forces a downshift or delays an upshift,
> > allowing the revs to reach close to the redline. I noticed that every
> > time
> > I press it, one of the before mentioned things happens. He says that
> > it has
> > nothing to do with the transmission. Who is right? And what does it
> > really
> > do? Thanks for any help.
> >
> > Vytautas Reipa
> > 5ks '87
> > 5kcst '86 rocketmobile.

>  If it's an auto trans. It's a kick down switch to go from third to
> second.

Not on the 5ks/cst.  It's a cutout switch for the AC compressor.
The kickdown is a mechanical link to/from the transmission...