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gonna sell my baby.

I have a problem.... 

My poor Euro Spec 1985 White and gray UR Quattro has been sitting WAY too
much, and as much as I enjoy him... he needs to run free !!!

It currently has only 66,000 miles. 

I have come to that hard decision to sell. Price.. I do not know but I would
like to take offers....  he is a SPECIAL car and needs a good home. and I, as
would as all sellers like to maximize my sale price. I do NOT know the market
and I have made the assumption that this will at least tell me what he is
worth and find the person best deserving of him. If he is worth zippo, I will
keep him till I turn old and gray !

I  ordered the car when I was in Germany in 1984 while talking a trip to
Ingolstadt. Walking down the production line I was able to pick and choose
all the neet stuff to put into the car.......... even down to a gray Sport
Quattro interior with Recaros. The ONLY thing I couldn't get was that nice
big 400 HP Sport Quattro Engine or brakes. Having driven one that day I was
there,  I was enamored with all that punch. I was even offered a super deal
on that particular car, but I was stooooopid.... I needed 4 seater.. SO I
THOUGHT !!!!! ( one of the big boo boo's in my life ! )

It was delivered to the US and certified here via a London VOA agency. Car
has 16 inch BBS Moda wheels and It has a Britsh spec. digital dash. NO
sunroof per my spec and NO cruise control. All the other amenities are
standard European.

Current smog regs and the fact that I have not licensed the car in CA the
past few years precludes it's being sold to this state. There are only two
things I need to fix... and I am obtaining the parts as we speak. The dash
went bonkers when we jumped the battery ( I told you he sits too much) and my
friendly Audi repair guy Adrian..... " Vee ar sorree but vee haff made a  boo
boo... " managed to break a tail lite lens. Oh did I forget to mention that
the rear end is a black out version...

So please E mail me if there isan interested party with your offer and with
your phone number and I will get back to you... He is the pick of the litter
and deserves the best.

Allyson Vought