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Re: FOR SALE, 86 5ks

>Does that come with a spare 4kq in the trunk?  Unless you meant
>$300?  Seriously, those go for beans around here.  There's a nice
>low mile automatic 85 for about $700 across the street from my
>father's house.
>| Dan | 

Hmmm. . . I'll see what I can do about that 4kq.  I might have to remove
the ski bag and the spare though!  And hey this one is an 86, not an 85,
that is worth the extra $2300 isn't it?  I guess that is a little steep,
but if anyone out there is interested (I hope) then make me an offer.  Later.

James Fawcett
Bitchin' '86 Audi 5KTQ
FOR SALE '86 Audi 5000s
(314) 477-1415