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No s4 or s6

In message <199710061942_MC2-22FF-AF65@compuserve.com> colin cohen writes:

> There seems to be a misguided opinion on the list that Audi AG wants to have a
> sporting image in the US. Facts just dont support this assertion and nor does
> AoA. In fact most of the so called sporting efforts mongst the German OEMs are
> originated by add on maunufacurers and developers. Sure the factories all over
> the world get in on the act, but only where they exist. Thus Audi is able to
> support a sports program in Europe, South Africa, and soon I believe Brazil,
> but until they have a US factory, I dont think we are going to see a serious
> attempt to be sporting.....and hence no S6 or S4. So says AoA over a few brews
> admittedly, but it has a real ring of truth methinks..

Audi has a completely separate motorsport factory.  In each country, they have 
essentially a two-berth workshop that simply assembles what the factory sends 
out and retires what it is told to retire.  If a component fails after n hours 
of competition, it is replaced in all other vehicles before it reaches n 
hours.  The local operations have no scope for individual initiative - 
everything is run by the factory.  Suggestions are routed there and considered 
centrally.  There is zero involvement by add-on manufacturers - it's 100% 
Audi.  I toured the Audi Sport facility here in England a couple of months ago 
- their sole machining capability is a medium-sized bench drill.  No lathes, no 
milling machines, no engineering.  Just screwdrivers and wrenches.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club