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RE: Snows

>BTW, the Nokian 1 should be used with studs compatible with the new Eco
>Stud System, 10mm studs, 8mm diameter.

  Any pointers where I can find out more about the Eco Stud system?  The US Nokian page makes some comments about the stud holes on the Nokian 1, but not much info.

  The four Nokian 1 tires I just got for my wife's car have the most uniform studding job I've ever seen (and they come from the same place I've been buying the Hakkas for the last 12 years).  Usually the 09s and 10s had a couple of studs per tire that looked like they'd rip out the during the first hard braking.  On the 1s, every stud is seated perfectly.  I had assumed the operator got better, but maybe it is the new stud system.

Bob Davis
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