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4ks squealer

Hi again all,

Oh yeah, one other weird problem with my new 4ks acquisition:

When I first start moving it, mostly just out of the driveway and
maybe the 1st block or so of driving, there's usually a horrible
metallic squeal coming from the front of the car.  Doesn't seem
steering related and seems to come from both sides.  I'm guessing
its brake related but am having trouble figuring it out.  It does
stop after a bit, but its a horribly embarassing start to every
little trip.  The sound can even be conjured up by rocking the car
back and forth and inch or so in the driveway - by leaning on the 
hood or trunk, for instance.  Any ideas?  Its short lived each
session, but is fairly consistently there.

Ideas anyone?  Oh yeah,  I don't think this is when it started,
but I'll mention it anyway.  Any chance of some sort of pinched
or misrouted caliper plumbing after a front strut rebuild?

regards (and thanks)

Roger Albert,  Motorola Wireless/DSP,  Austin TX,  Go Illini!
1994 Red Ducati M900 Monster, email: roger@mostro.sps.mot.com
Blue 1976 R90/6, 1974 R90/6 Sidecar project which needs chair
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