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Re: Turbo Basics

I usually check out AutoSite to learn about the basics of auto parts. 
They also have a nice bit about car repairs.  It's a generally useful
site, though not always the perfect reference for Audis.  And they do
have a pretty good section on the operation of turbochargers and
superchargers, complete with pictures and diagrams.




> How about
> http://www.alliedsignal.com/automotive/garrett/tf.html
> OR
> http://www.demon.co.uk/turbotec/index.htm
> Anyone has other links for theory on turbocharged engines ?
> Kenn, '87 200tqAvant
> [...]
> >For a nice look at how turbochargers work (and a good picture you
> >can click on for a full-screen view) check out:
> >
> >http://unitedturbo.com/basics.html
> >