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RE: No s4 or s6

> I'd say that AoA's offical position on this is still NO. Here is a reply
> I recieved this morning from a post I left on their website. I would
> encourage everyone who wants to see/buy an S4 in the states to go post
> something encouraging AoA to bring the S4 ove here.
I have done this as well, but I also sent an e-mail to the factory.  My 
first reply from them was that I should contact AoA ... but in my reply 
I stated that I felt that AoA may not be reflecting the true desires 
here in the USA.  I suggested that they might want to see what their 
competition (primarily WMB) has done, and to see the success of the "M" 
division and "M" series cars.  Hey, if AoA won't listen, perhaps the 
factory will ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)