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Re: Misc. V8 questions

 -=> Mike Miller illuminates us with <=-

 MM> I don't think Audi "recommended" converting the UFOs - I think that
 MM> Audi got tired of warranty replacing the UFOs so, _in some cases_,
 MM> "upgraded" the brakes to the old 5000 brakes. I have also heard that
 MM> you can turn the UFO rotors with the right equipment.

     I was talking to someone that works at a shop which has
     one of those machines that cuts the rotors while on the
     vehicle. He told me that they had machined a set of
     UFO's on an Audi 200. It was a PITA to set the machine,
     but it worked, according to him. If indeed this is true,
     then it'll save UFO'ers some serious money on "rebuilt"
     rotors.  Thankfully, this is one thing I don't have to
     deal with on my V8Q, as the conversion has been done.


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