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Re: C-GT computer fuse

Ken wrote:

> way, like hitting a metal plate or shifting desperately to keep up with
> a VR6, that some wire somewhere is getting shorted and is causing the
> computer fuse to blow.

There was a problem that sounds similar with my Coupe when I bought it
four years ago.

The driver's side engine mount was toast, so on hard acceleration or
suddenly pressing the clutch pedal, the engine would rock up on the
passenger side mount from the torque.

What happened was that this allowed the hot head to contact that bundle
of wires that runs right behind the head along the base of the battery
tray (they were'nt tied up in my case).

The heat melted the casing and insulation off of a couple of the wires,
and they could short out when the engine bucked up and the head
completed the circuit.

I cleaned the wires up, repaired the damaged portion and wrapped it in
about three layers of duct tape to replace melted wiring harness
casing.  I also used a zip-tie to hold that harness to the bottom front
of the battery tray.

Three and a half years later, it's still working fine.  (I also replaced
the bad engine mount.  <grin>)

> So, unless anyone knows a specific wire to check, I'll:
> 1.  keep spare fuses handy
> 2.  not shift hard
> 3.  wiggle different wires when the engine is running, and see if one
> shorts out the circuit and pops the fuse

I'd check the engine mounts while your there since you mention that
shifting hard can help bring the problem on.



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