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My '92 Quattro is a piece of #$$%^#@!!

     >Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 21:35:44 +0000
     >From: John Graham <jgraham1@erols.com>
     >Subject: Re: My '92 Quattro is a piece of #$$%^#@!!
     >No. It's the risk of buying a used car. Just because the service book
     >had all the stamps does notmean it was done right or done at all. I've 
     >seen cars go in for sevice and come out with  not so much
     >as the transmission pan droped.
     John, you're hitting a nail right on the head.
     Some (pls note..."some") "junky" car dealers are no different than 
     regular thugs on the streets.  These "junky" car dealers are too damm 
     lazy to do their works properly, but they're so damm smart & diligent 
     to rob a big $$$ from the car owners.  (Humm...my second thought, may 
     be there is a difference...Those street thugs, at least, try to do 
     their jobs at their bests when they're robbing you.  :)  )
     Last May/97, I bought an '89-90 auto non-q from my friend who regularly 
     had it serviced at the Audi dealer.  (I also have a service book w/ all 
     the dealer's stamps.)
     Anyway, recently, I just have my '89-90 checked the tranny & diff.  
     (Because I have a case w/ the one of the big name Audi dealer (in the 
     NYC area) who lied on the 60K services report (which I had back in 
     Jun/97) that they checked and did all necessary tranny services.)
     When my mechanic opened the tranny pan, well, I couldn't believed what 
     I saw.  First, the color of the fluid was so dark and thicken--as 10 
     years old engine oil.  (I suspect it had never been changed since 1989 
     when it was new.)  A bunch of gooey/deposit is clocking the inner 
     filter.  (Humm...do you think I will ever trust the service log w/ the 
     dealer stamps?)
     Well, may be it happened to Steve's '92 100CS Quattro, and he wasn't 
     lucky as me.  So, guys pls "CYA" and hold your wallets tight!
     Just my $0.02.
     '89-90 auto non-q (69+K miles & running good)
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org