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Denver free inspection

     >Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 07:06:48 -0600 (MDT)
     >From: Ralph Poplawsky <ralphp@cellport.com>
     >Subject: Denver free inspection
     >For those of you in the Denver area who plan to take advantage of 
     >Prestige Audi's 'free factory inspection', here is some info. I took 
     >my '91 200TQ yesterday with the assumption that I was going to go over 
     >the car with a technician who really knows this vehicle.  About 15 
     >minutes into the deal, after he looked at the oil and checked the 
     >lights, etc. and was surprised when I told him it was a 20V Turbo, I 
     >could see that I knew much more about this car than the technician.  
     >This was when he offered that he really doesn't know much about these 
     >cars because he usually works on Porsches.
     >So, AOA service comes through once more.  The only benefit was that I 
     >got to walk around and look at the car while it was on a lift.
     Hi Ralph,
     Make sure the guy didn't plant any "bug" on your beloved '91 200TQ.  
     (Of course, for you to pay them a visit w/ your big $$$...I know it 
     sounds too cynical...huhh!  :)  )
     My advice...hold your wallet tight.
     '89-90 non-q (69+K miles)
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org