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Quattro purchase.


I am new to the list but not new to Audis. I once owned a 5000 wagon w/a
5sp. Wonderful car. Never any trouble. It had 175k on it when I sold it.
Anyway, I have run across an 85 4000 quattro that the owner is selling
for $800. I'm going to look at it tomorrow morning. He said it is in
great shape mechanically except for the clutch. His exact words were:
"The clutch pedal kind of flails around, it might have a broken cable".
He was not mechanically inclined. Are there any specific things I should
check out when looking at this car? I am a mechanic so I know the obvious
things to check for. I am just not too familiar with Quattros. Any help
would be appreciated. 

Justin-car junkie