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The bell tolls...and tolls

My warning chime just doesn't know when to shut up. 

This began about two weeks ago as an intermittent annoyance which has
mutated into what can be described as a unique form of torture. It seems
that the car doesn't believe that the door is closed and will sound the
alarm. The dealer sold me a mechanical switch but it appears I have the
wrong part. Upon disassembly I discover not a mechanical switch in the
door jam but a white (vacuum?) hose which must lead to some sort of
switch. So when the door closes it sends air pressure through the hose?
Occaisionally I will enjoy a quiet ride with the chime only sounding
under deceleration.

I realize this pales in comparison to a ruptured transmission but I can
assure you it is practically as debilitating. Should anyone have some
pointers for me I will be most grateful. 

90 90q

(BTW, 12 cm of wet snow today in Calgary - gotta get some snows!)