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ignition switch bypass

Just wanted to pass this along to those who might be having trouble with
their key switch.

I didn't want to drill out the shear bolt and go through all the hassle
(expense) of replacing the lock cylinder, etc.

A simple and creative fix is to put a relay (I used a fog light relay
$4.99 Autozone) and a small almost undetectable, button switch from
Ratty O' Shack ($1.89). I wired the relay to the starter side of the
ignition switch and it is now activated by the button switch which is
well hidden, but easily accessible, once you turn the key "On".

Any type momentary contact switch can be used as long as you put the
load on the relay. You could even use a really cool magnetic reed switch
(the entry kind used in burglar alarms) mounted behind a thin part of
the dash or console and start your car with a small magnet on your
keychain!! Only you would know where and how.

This should really slow down joyriders and other non-pro car thieves,
including maybe even car hijacking.

BTW, the man who bought the car really thought this idea was great from
a security POV.

Just my .02 before signing off.

Don S.