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AAARGH!!! What's up with this fu- - fuse?!?

In message <343B193E.6E08@micron.net> James Marriott writes:

> > So, what would make this little object of my affection do this?  Bad
> > ground?  Where?  <teeth clenched, jaw muscles flexing>  Can I just
> > hardwire the mother-f'er, and watch the f'ing thing go up in
> > flames!!!!!!!  <yeah! fire! fire! cool!>

> Try a properly-sized circuit breaker. LittleFuse makes them in many
> different flavors; available at parts stores for ~$3. Makes
> troubleshooting a little easier.

And, for those in the UK, circuit breakers that fit into standard (Audi and 
other) blade fuse holders are available from Farnell Electronics:
   Rating             Catalogue Number
     6A                   597-697
     8A                   597-703
    10A                   597-715
    15A                   597-727
    20A                   597-739
    25A                   597-740

It's odd - Farnell seems to offer all other Littelfuse [sic] products, but not 
their circuit breakers.  The above are sourced from ETA, and cost GBP5.51 each 
plus VAT.  Farnell are on +44 113 263 6311, fax +44 113 263 3411.
A set of these circuit breakers is highly recommended for chasing electrical 
problems - it's very easy to see which one's 'popped'. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club