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FS: 1985 Coupe GT

hey all, jsut wanted to let you know that my Coupe is still for sale.

The car has some acident damage to the driver's side front of the car. 
163000 miles, needs some mechanical work, new shocks, front and rear, new 
front brakes (completely new), rebuilt front suspension, new timing belt 
15,000 miles ago, new Catalytic converter, relatively new belts, new rear 
brakes, with new springs in the brakes, redline transmission fluid, mobil 
1 engine oil. 5 speed, AVS Intermediate tires, new Radio (clarion 120 
watt detachable face cassette player) new infinity speakers front and 
rear, new door lock internals, new tie rods, cruise control, power 
windows, sunroof, paintin not too good condition, but no rust (except 
where the accident damage is, and only ver little. New wheel cylinders 
for the rear brakes, new wheel bearings all around.

  Very fun car to drive, does need lots of care to bring back to life, 
but it is possible, asking 1000 dollars. The engine i believe is in 
overall good condition, and so is the transmission. I cant remember what 
else is new but i think there is a bunch of stuff....

Call me at 310-208-5554
The car is in the Bay Area, specifically in San Francisco.

The damage isnt that bad, and really is only osmetic, there is no frame 
damage that i could imagine.  The estimate was put at 1690 dollars, but 
that was with new parts.  

I hae owned the car for 3 years, and it is a wonderful car.  It handles 
extremely well, and is fun as hell to drive.  I jsut got over my head 
with the car following the accident, and bought a 4000 Quattro.

I hate to give it up, but both pressure financially, and mostly from my 
father, i have to sell it.  

Please let me know if you are at all interested.

Thank you,

Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
164,000+ miles, and going like a new car

1985 Coupe GT
163,000+ miles