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Cross Country USA...listers on the way?

Hi Folks,

I leave Friday for the western slopes and wanted to give one last shout to
anyone that might want to get together for a brew..lunch..whatever...if
you're on the route or close by, give me a quick note and way to reach you.
Also, if you know of any fun festivals, shows, or other oddities on my
route please give me a holler.  I've seen the landmarks along the way...so
I don't need that, but would appreciate a head's up on any local events or
specialties.  I know that I regretably missed the big Testicle Festival in
Montana so don't break my heart by pointing _that_ out.   Here's the rough

10/11: Chicago
10/12-14: Road America
10/15-16: Wisconsin to Denver by way of S.D.- Cheyenne WY  (most likely
10/17-20: Denver and Environs
10/20-22: New Mexico or possibly Arizona or possibly Wyoming (somewhere on
the Rocky Range)
10/23-25: Lincoln, Nebraska
........................Home again.

Paul Royal