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Fuel pump wiring and dodgy gear shift.

Dear Listers,

Well after a 450 mile drive across Wales, England and a big bit of Scotland
my car decided to cease to function correctly about 2 miles from my destination.
The local garage managed to fix the faulty feed to the fuel pump with a piece of
wire in the fuse box and suggested I take it to an auto electrician. The second
piece of bad news came on my return journey when fifth gear became impossible to
select without a lot of persuasion. I think it is almost certainly the pivot 
point and the assorted bits and pieces of plastic which have worn and need to 
be replaced. If the fuel pump fault is down to a relay replacement then I will 
be happy. I have very little spare time at the moment to sort these problems out
and am thinking about taking the car to a dealer and asking them to sort it 
but that may be just due to depression.

The fuel pump problem began by hesitating momentarily a couple of weeks ago and 
even dying whilst idling one time, after which it restarted fine. When it 
finally went the engine just cut out. If this is likely to be the relay then 
is there any way I can check? All the fuses are fine. 

I am hoping that the gear selection problem would be solved by replacing the 
pivot point, before going to the breakers does anyone know if the linkage 
remained the same between the mk2 and 3 80? ie when it went all curvy from 
er not being curvy, if so then I can cannabalise a newer 80 that is less likely
to be as worn as the linkage on my car.

Even with these problems the drive was good fun, I have just replaced the bulbs
in the car with 80/100w thingies and up in the Highlands they make a real
difference to driving at night.

Thanks in advance,


'85 80 sport.