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Re: C-GT computer fuse

In a message dated 97-10-08 00:40:13 EDT, you write:

<< Any other advice? >>

You should NEVER simply replace a fuse when you know that there's an
intermittant short!  The fuse is there to protect the wiring, simply
replacing the fuse can make the problem move to somewhere else ... with
associated additional damage.  If you need to use the car you might want to
consider wiring around the short, but don't simply replace the fuse and cross
your fingers ... you may end up having to find a new wiring harness or have
to deal with an electrical fire.  

A grounding problem can't cause the overcurrent situation that leads to a
blown fuse ... there is a problem with the power lead somewhere in the fused
circuit.  I have the Bentley, and can provide some additional information if
you need it ... just let me know.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)