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silver or copper plugs?

I've got an 84 5ksT and I'm running 1.8 bar right now. I know that the oem
bosch silber (silver) plugs are recommended, but I'm using  ngk BP6ET tri
electrodes. I heard that additional amounts of boost over stock may
require use of the w7ds plugs because they run cooler. Is this true? I
have notice that the rise  time (turbo lag) was noticeably reduced after I
changed to the ngks.I do thunk that my max boost was slightly reduced ,
though. On the highway my intake cools due to the ram air system that I'm
using, so max boost does take more time to get and it comes on at a lower
temp than before. Does all this seem logical? Which are better? The ds or
the tris?
Steve 84 5ksT 1.8 bar