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Re: Cross Country USA...listers on the way?

Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> It's in the thought process....decision will probably come
> tomorrow...what's YOUR plan there?

Mark and I leave tomorrow night around 7pm from Hartford CT, we should
be in dayton by morning, assuming we can hack an all nighter. If not
we'll grab a hotel on the way, but either way, we'll be in Dayton, late
morning, early afternoon. We did Hartford to Wisconsin in 10 hours last
time so it shouldnt be tough (Please dont do the math! :)

Friday afternoon, we'll probably hit WPAFB and will definately be
spending all day saturday there. Friday night is kind of open at this
point. We have no places firm to stay yet, we'll find something when we
get there, but it will be in dayton. Saturday night, we'll be meeting up
with Eric Fletcher, either in Dayton or indy or somewhere in between.
Sunday, probably finishing up WPAFB and heading home early in the day,
probably before noon.

Best way to get ahold of me is email, Ill be checkin it the whole time.